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International Polar Year 2007-2008 Publications - Citations Added to the
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that are Based on International Polar Year 2007-2008 Projects

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Aage, H. Enterprise ownership and resources management in Greenland
Ablyazina, D. International permafrost field courses in Siberia; the synthesis of research and education
Abramov, A.A. Geocryological conditions in Antarctic oases [Geokriologicheskiye usloviya antarkticheskikh oazisov]
Abu Samah, A. Sustaining Malaysia's interest in Antarctica; from diplomacy to science
Agranat, G.A. Russian North during the post-Soviet period [Rossiiskoe severovedenie v postsovetskie gody]
Ahonen, L. Hydrogeological studies of permafrost in crystalline bedrock at the Lupin Mine
Albert, M.R. A vision for the International Polar Year 2007- 2008
Albert, M.R. The International Polar Year
Alcaraz, M. The role of Arctic zooplankton in biogeochemical cycles; respiration and excretion of ammonia and phosphate during summer
Allan, N. Preparing for IPY
Allan, N. U. S. to map energy resources for IPY
Allan, N. World will connect with the Arctic for IPY
Allison, I. International Polar Year 2007- 2008
Allison, I. A developing programme for the International Polar Year
Allison, I. A year of discovery awaits
Allison, I. International polar snapshot
Allison, I. Status and progress of the International Polar Year
Allison, I. Studying the big picture; 50 years of international cooperation in Antarctic earth system science
Allison, I. (chairperson) The state of polar research
Alverson, K. Sustained Arctic observations; a legacy of the polar year
Andersen, T. Laser-ablation multicollector inductively coupled mass spectrometry; development, and application to Mesoproterozoic A-type granites in Antarctica
Andreev, A.O. Historical aspects of the International Polar Year [Iz istorii mezhdunarodnogo polyarnogo goda]
Anonymous 2008 annual Antarctic conference, International Polar Year and the next generation
Anonymous 2009 annual Antarctic conference; Sustaining the gains of the International Polar Year
Anonymous Australia's contribution to the International Polar Year
Anonymous CH2M HILL polar services supports IPY "pulse of activity"
Anonymous Final report of the Thirtieth consultative meeting
Anonymous International Polar Year 2007-2008; preliminary findings
Anonymous International Polar Year 2007-08 [Mezhdunarodnyy polyarnyy god 2007- 2008]
Anonymous International Polar Year begins
Anonymous International Polar Year 2007- 08
Anonymous International Polar Year (IPY) 2007-08 news--Nouvelles sur l'Année Polaire Internationale (API) 2007- 2008
Anonymous International Polar Year conference
Anonymous International Polar Year; an opportunity for Chilean science [Ańo Polar Internacional; una oportunidad para la ciencia chilena]
Anonymous ISCORD 2007; proceedings of the 8th international symposium on Cold region development
Anonymous IV mizhnarodna antarktichna konferentsiia "III mizhnarodnii polyarnii rik 2007-2008; rezul'tati ta perspektivi" 12-14 travnya 2009 r.--4th international Antarctic conference "3rd International Polar Year 2007- 2008; results and outlooks" May 12-14, 2009
Anonymous Mapping polar ice masses
Anonymous New Antarctic stations
Anonymous Sea Ice Physics and Ecosystem eXperiment
Anonymous Six polar year projects funded
Anonymous Solar linkages to atmospheric processes
Anonymous The House of Lords debate; International Polar Year 2007- 08
Anonymous The International Polar Year 2007- 2008
Anonymous Thermal state of frozen ground in a changing climate during the IPY; abstracts
Anschutz, H. East Antarctic snow accumulation changes
Anschutz, H. Revisiting sites of the South Pole Queen Maud Land Traverses in East Antarctica; accumulation data from shallow firn cores
Anschutz, H. Variation of accumulation rates over the last eight centuries on the East Antarctic Plateau derived from volcanic signals in ice cores
Antarctican Society, Arlington, VA The Antarctican Society newsletter; May
Antoniades, D. Bacterial dominance of phototrophic communities in a High Arctic lake and its implications for paleoclimate analysis
Arentz, B.E. East Base, SOS; assessment of deterioration and recommendations for conserving this important Antarctic historic site
Armenakis, C. Introduction to the papers of this special issue of Geomatica on the IPY GeoNorth 2007, First international circumpolar conference on Geospatial sciences and applications--Introduction aux articles de ce numéro spécial de Geomatica portant sur l'API GéoNord 2007, la Premičre conférence circumpolaire internationale sur les Sciences géospatiales et leurs applications
Aslaksen, I. Climate change and economic system impacts on self-sufficiency constraints and potentials; perspectives from ecological economics
Asmus, V.V. A highly elliptical orbit space system for hydrometeorological monitoring of the Arctic region
Astakhov, A.S. Lithochemical evidence of recent geological activity in the Chukchi Sea
Auri, J. A continuous early Weichselian lake record covering the Brorup and Odderade Chrons at Bjorko on the coast of Ostrobothnia, western Finland
Avango, D. LASHIPA 6; archaeological field investigations of whaling stations at South Georgia
Axford, Y. Climate of the Little Ice Age and the past 2000 years in northeast Iceland inferred from chironomids and other lake sediment proxies
Baba, S. Contrasting metamorphic P-T path between Schirmacher Hills and Mühlig- Hofmannfjella, central Dronning Maud Land, East Antarctica
Baeseman, J. Tips and tricks for science presentations
Balto, A.K. From IGY to IPY; photo documentation of Norwegian scientific polar research during the last 50 years
Barber, L. Outreach; inspiring ideas and initiatives from around the World
Barr, S. (editor) Historical Polar bases; preservation and management
Barr, W. International Polar Years
Barratt, I. Cephalopod diversity and ecology
Beaman, R.J. Collaborative East Antarctic Marine Census (CEAMARC); post-survey report, RSV Aurora Australis voyage 3, December 2007- January 2008
Beaudon, E. Ionic budget of winter snow on Vestfonna ice cap, Svalbard
Beaudon, E. Spatial and temporal variability of net accumulation from shallow cores from Vestfonna ice cap (Nordaustlandet, Svalbard)
Beaudon, E. Frost flower chemical signature in winter snow on Vestfonna ice cap, Nordaustlandet, Svalbard
Bedritskii, A.I. International Polar Year 2007-2008 [Mezhdunarodnyy Polyarnyy God 2007- 2008]
Behr, S. IPY history reflects progress in science and society
Behrendt, J.C. IGY to IPY, the U.S. Antarctic oversnow and airborne geophysical- glaciological research program from 1957 to 1964 from the view of a young graduate student
Bell, R.E. Antarctica earth system science in the International Polar Year 2007- 2008
Bell, R. International Polar Year 2007-2008; report of the implementation workshop
Bentley, C. IPY deep ice core drilling in central West Antarctica, 2007-08
Bentley, C.R. Ice sheets
Berkman, P.A. International Polar Year 2007- 08
Berthling, I. DC resistivity soundings across a pebbly rock glacier, Kapp Linne, Svalbard
Biebow, N. The International Polar Year 2007-08; Part 12, The AURORA BOREALIS Project [Das Internationale Polarjahr 2007/08; Folge 12, Das Projekt AURORA BOREALIS]
Binder, D. Schools on ice; bringing the IPY to the classroom
Bindschadler, R. Getting around Antarctica; new high- resolution mappings of the grounded and freely-floating boundaries of the Antarctic ice sheet created for the International Polar Year
Bindschadler, R. Measured spatial and temporal variation of Antarctic ice sheet accumulation and discharge; new landmark data sets for IPY
Bindschadler, R. The Landsat image mosaic of Antarctica
Bindschadler, R.A. A most beautiful view of Antarctica for the IPY; the Landsat-7 mosaic
Bird, B.W. A 2000 year varve-based climate record from the central Brooks Range, Alaska
Bjune, A.E. Quantitative summer-temperature reconstructions for the last 2000 years based on pollen-stratigraphical data from northern Fennoscandia
Blais, J.A.R. Geomatics and the new cyber- infrastructure
Blelly, P.L. A new analysis method for determining polar ionosphere and upper atmosphere characteristics from ESR data; illustration with IPY period
Blindow, N. Geometry and thermal regime of the King George Island ice cap, Antarctica, from GPR and GPS
Bock, C. Adaptive competence of teleostei
Bodeker, G. Improving projections of Antarctic ozone recovery
Boike, J. (editor) Russian-German Cooperation System Laptev Sea; the expedition Lena-New Siberian Islands 2007 during the International Polar Year 2007/2008
Boike, J. Studies in the Lena River delta; a high resolution orthorectified picture of Samoylov
Boike, J. Studies in the Lena River delta; sensitivity of the permafrost system's water and energy balance under changing climate; a multi-scale perspective
Boike, J. The International Polar Year 2007-08; Part 22, Permafrost and global climate change [Das Internationale Polarjahr 2007/08; Folge 22, Permafrost und der globale Klimawandel]
Bolshiyanov, D.Y. Studies in the Lena River delta; hydrological and geomorphological investigations
Bones, S. Norway and past International Polar Years; a historical account
Bones, S. Norway and the International Polar Year; some political aspects
Bortolotto, E. Population genetics of Antarctic notothenioid fish
Bourgeois, J. International Polar Year activities; spatial and temporal trends of climate and airborne contaminants in the Arctic region from snow and ice
Bozzo, E. (editor) The Italian-British Antarctic Geophysical and Geological Survey in northern Victoria Land 2005-06; towards the International Polar Year 2007- 08
Braun, M. Changes of glacier frontal positions of Vestfonna (Nordaustlandet, Svalbard)
Breiling, M. (convener) The Vienna symposium on Polar tourism
Broadbent, N.D. From ballooning in the Arctic to 10,000-foot runways in Antarctica; lessons from historic archaeology
Bromwich, D.H. Development and testing of Polar Weather Research and Forecasting model; 2, Arctic Ocean
Brown, J. Status report on the International Permafrost Association's contribution to the International Polar Year--Ob uchastii Mezhdunarodnoi Assotsiatsii po Merzlotovedeniiu v provedenii Mezhdunarodnogo Polyarnogo Goda
Huffman, L.T. ANDRILL's education and outreach programme 2005-2008; MIS and SMS project activities during the 4th IPY
Brown, J. Global and regional activities; the thermal state of permafrost; an IPA contribution to the International Polar Year and Year of Planet Earth
Brown, J. Permafrost and the International Polar Year
Brown, J. Report from the International Permafrost Association
Brown, J. The International Permafrost Association's contribution to the International Polar Year
Brown, J. The thermal state of permafrost; the IPY-IPA snapshot (2007-2009)
Brunt, K.M. Mapping the grounding zone of the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica, using ICESat laser altimetry
Bryazgin, N.N. Glacial and climatic conditions during the International Polar Year 2007-2008 in the Arctic region and change of glacier mass balance [Glyatsioklimaticheskie usloviia Mezhdunarodnogo polyarnogo goda 2007-2008 v Arktike i izmenchivost' balansa massy arkticheskikh lednikov]
Buckland, L. Science communication 101
Budd, C. With the Students on Ice Antarctic university expedition--L'experience de l'expedition universitaire antarctique de Students on Ice
Burch, E.S., Jr. Smithsonian contributions to Alaskan ethnography; the first expedition to Barrow, 1881-1883
Butler, E. Tracing elements in the ocean
Butterworth, J. On guard against an alien invasion
Butterworth, J. Supporting scientists at sea
Canadian Circumpolar Institute, Edmonton, AB Currents of change; the future of polar information
Canadian Polar Commission--Commission canadienne des affaires polaires, Ottawa, ON Canadian Polar Commission, annual report 2008-2009--Commission canadienne des affaires polaires, rapport annuel 2008- 2009
Capra, A. (editor) Geodetic and geophysical observations in Antarctica; an overview in the IPY perspective
Capra, A. Overview of geodetic reference frame and related activities in Antarctica
Carlson, D. Building information into prediction for the cryosphere
Carlson, D. Environmental legacies of the International Polar Year
Carlson, D. The International Polar Year
Caron, A. Analyzing Arctic social realities; ArcticStat
Carson, C.J. Early Palaeozoic metasomatism of the Archaean Napier Complex, East Antarctica
Carson, D. International Polar Year
Cattle, H. Ocean activities in CLIVAR; recent developments
Chao, B.F. Contributions of the FormoSat-3/COSMIC GPS-Occultation mission to IPY
Chapelle, G. Outreach
Chapuis, A. Interpretation of amplitude data from a ground-based radar in combination with terrestrial photogrammetry and visual observations for calving monitoring of Kronebreen, Svalbard
Chen Liqi Comparison of air-sea fluxes of CO2 in the Southern Ocean and the western Arctic Ocean
Chile, Instituto Antártico Chileno "Rings" of Antarctic science and the International Polar Year [Anillos de ciencia antártica y el Ańo Polar International]
China, Polar Research Institute, Shanghai Special report of IPY
Chipman, M.L. A 2000 year record of climatic change at Ongoke Lake, southwest Alaska
Christensen, H.H. IPY permafrost observatories in Norway and Svalbard
Christiansen, H.H. Report from the International Permafrost Association; education and outreach for the International Polar Year
Christiansen, H.H. The thermal state of permafrost in the nordic area during the International Polar Year 2007-2009
Chu, W. Response and adaptive strategies on Antarctic, tropical and temperate microalgae to ultraviolet radiation stress
Church, I. IPY 2007-2008; an unfolding legacy-- L'API 2007-2008; un héritage qui se concrétise
Chwedorzewska, K.J. High anatomical and low genetic diversity in Deschampsia antarctica Desv. from King George Island, the Antarctic
Clow, G.D. Continued permafrost warming in northwest Alaska as detected by the DOI/GTN-P borehole array
Cook, A. (compiler) The Arctic and Antarctica
Cook, T.L. Five thousand years of sediment transfer in a high arctic watershed recorded in annually laminated sediments from Lower Murray Lake, Ellesmere Island, Nunavut, Canada
Cooper, A. (editor) Antarctica; a keystone in a changing world; online proceedings for the Tenth international symposium on Antarctic earth sciences
Copland, L. IPY Antarctic university expedition; February 2009
Crevier, Y. A RADARSAT-2 snapshot of Antarctica during the 2007-08 IPY--Un instantanč de l'Antarctique pris par RADARSAT-2 pendant l'API 2007- 2008
d'Udekem d'Acoz, C. Systematic and ecological diversity of amphipods
Daher, E. (editor) Brazil and the Antarctic environment [Brasil e o meio ambiente Antartico]
Davey, F.J. Earth-science research in Antarctica; status and future opportunities; an editorial
Davey, F.J. The International Polar Year (IPY4) 2007-9
de Boer, B. Cenozoic global ice-volume and temperature simulations with 1-D ice-sheet models forced by benthic delta 18O records
de Broyer, C. (editor) Census of Antarctic marine life; synopsis of the Amphipoda of the Southern Ocean; Volume 1
de Broyer, C. Part 1, Catalogue of the Gammaridean and Corophiidean Amphipoda (Crustacea) of the Southern Ocean, with distribution and ecological data
De Felice, A. Age and growth of Antarctic notothenioid fish
de Mulder, E.F.J. The International Year of Planet Earth (2007-2009); earth sciences for society
Dean, K. Polar events at the British Library
Dentler, F. Weather and ice conditions
Derksen, C. Improving satellite-derived snow-cover information for the Arctic during the International Polar Year
Derksen, C. (editor) International Polar Year
Dethloff, K. Polar climate modelling; regional feedbacks and global links, an IPY approach
DeVorkin, D.H. Preserving the origins of the space age; the material legacy of the International Geophysical Year (1957-1958) at the National Air and Space Museum
Dickson, B. Securing the legacy of the IPY
Dickson, B. The integrated Arctic Ocean Observing System (iAOOS); an AOSB-CliC observing plan for the International Polar Year
Dietrich, R. A precise reference frame for Antarctica from SCAR GPS campaign data and some geophysical implications
Dietrich, R. The International Polar Year 2007-08; Part 25, The International Polar Year 2007- 08; the German contribution [Das Internationale Polarjahr 2007/08; Folge 25, Das Internationale Polarjahr 2007/08; der deutsche Beitrag]
Dimri, V.P. Studies on seismotectonics and geodynamical processes in Antarctica and IPY scientific program during IPY
Domack, E. IPY in the Antarctic Peninsula; ice shelves, oceans and climate
Dong Zhaoqian Chinese scientific contributions to IPY 2007-2008
Douglas, M. Professors' account of Students on Ice IPY Antarctic university expedition--Compte- rendu des professeurs de l'expedition universitaire en Antarctique de l'API de Students on Ice
Drinkwater, M.R. Coordinated satellite observations during the IPY; towards achieving a polar constellation
Drozdov, D.S. Recent advances in Russian geocryological research; a contribution to the International Polar Year
Duhaime, G. Theoretical foundation for the study of Arctic development models
Dunton, K.H. Interannual and spatial variability in light attenuation; evidence from three decades of growth in the Arctic kelp, Laminaria solidungula
Durnford, D. Long range transport of mercury to the Arctic and across Canada
Duxbury, N.S. Time machine; ancient life on Earth and in the cosmos
Dziak, R.P. International collaborative project; hydroacoustic monitoring of tectonic and volcanic activity within the Bransfield Strait and Western Scotia Sea, Antarctica
Dzido, J. Report on anisakid nematodes in polar regions; preliminary results
Eamer, C. Canada and the International Polar Years--Le Canada et les années polaires internationales
Ecclestone, M.A. Polar lessons for our International Polar Year (IPY, 2007-2009) from the Internationl Geophysical Year (IGY, 1957- 1958); some Canadian examples
Eckstaller, A. Deployment of a seismic recording station at Svea, Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Eisert, R. Capital expenditure and income (foraging) during pinniped lactation; the example of the Weddell Sea (Leptonychotes weddellii)
Elster, J. (editor) Petuniabukta, Billefjorden in Svalbard; Czech-Polish long term ecological and geographical research
Elzinga, A. Through the lens of the polar years; changing characteristics of polar research in historical perspective
Enomoto, H. Japanese-Swedish oversnow traverse to Wasa Station in 2007-2008
Erb, K.A. International collaboration in the Antarctic for global science
Erren, T.C. Health clues from polar regions
Esper, O. The potential of organic-walled dinoflagellate cysts for the reconstruction of past sea-surface conditions in the Southern Ocean
Evans, C.A. International Space Station supports International Polar Year
Evans, I.S. Climatogenic north-south asymmetry of local glaciers in Spitsbergen and other parts of the Arctic
Fahrbach, E. The International Polar Year 2007-08; Part 10, Long-term climate observations in the Arctic, DAMOCLES [Das International Polarjahr 2007-08; Folge 10, Langfirstige Klimabeobachtungen in der Arktis, DAMOCLES]
Farrell, R.L. Scientific evaluation of deterioration of historic huts of Ross Island, Antarctic
Fedchuk, A.P. Osnovni mizhnarodni zakhodi z nagodi 50-richchya pidpisannya dogovoru pro Antarktiku--The main international events on the 50th anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty
Finkelstein, S.A. Spatiotemporal variability in Arctic climates of the past millennium; implications for the study of Thule culture on Melville Peninsula, Nunavut
Fiolek, A. International Polar Year 2007-2008; resources on polar research in the NOAA Central Library Network
Fitzhugh, W.W. "Of no ordinary importance"; reversing polarities in Smithsonian Arctic studies
Fleming, A. The contribution of satellite Earth observations to the International Polar Year
Fleming, J.R. Advancing polar research and communicating its wonders; quests, questions, and capabilities of weather and climate studies in International Polar Years
Florindo, F. ANDRILL's success during the 4th International Polar Year
Florindo, F. The International Polar Years; a history of developments in Antarctic climate evolution
Franklin, R. GIIPSY; a flagship project of IPY
Frinchillucci, G. L'Istituto Geografico Polare e l'Anno Internazionale Polare 2007-2008--The Istituto Geografico Polare and the International Polar Year 2007-2008
Fujii, Y. Japanese research plan in IPY 2007- 2008
Fujita, S. The Japanese Swedish Antarctic Expedition 2007/08
Fukuchi, M. (editor) Antarctic biology in the 21st century; advances in and beyond IPY
Fukuchi, M. Tenth SCAR international biology symposium on "Antarctic biology in the 21st century; advances in and beyond IPY"; a brief overview
Gaudin, C. French polar research; an audit on the occasion of the 4th International Polar Year
Gavrilo, M.V. Study of large-scale regularities of sea birds and mammals distribution in the Antarctic Ocean in 2007-2008
Geirsdottir, A. A 2000 year record of climate variations reconstructed from Haukadalsvatn, west Iceland
Genest, E. The polar years from the age of discovery to the period of international cooperation [Los ańos polares desde la época de las exhortaciones a los descubrimientos a la etapa de la cooperación internacional]
Genest, E.A. History of the Argentine scientific research in Antarctica
Gerdes, R. Simulating the long-term variability of liquid freshwater export from the Arctic Ocean
Gerland, S. Ice in the sea
Gernandt, H. (editor) Proceedings of the XI SCALOP symposium; towards the International Polar Year and beyond
Gernandt, H. The International Polar Year 2007-08; Part 23, Neumayer Station III; the new research platform in Antarctica [Das Internationale Polarjahr 2007/08; Folge 23, Neumayer-Station III; die neue Forschungsplattform in der Antarktis]
Gill, M. The Circumpolar Biodiversity Monitoring Program
Glomsrod, S. Presenting the economy of the North
Gohl, K. Antarctica's continent-ocean transitions; consequences for tectonic reconstructions
Gohl, K. IPY Project PLATES & GATES; plate tectonics and polar gateways in the earth system; tectonic control on long-term climate evolution
Gohl, K. The International Polar Year 2007-08; Part 11, Global climate effects from regional tectonics; the PLATES & GATES Project (Plate Tectonics and Polar Gateways in Earth History) [Das Internationale Polarjahr 2007- 08; Folge 11, Globale Klimasteuerung durch regionale Tektonik; das Projekt PLATES & GATES (Plate Tectonics and Polar Gateways in Eath History)]
Goldman, H.V. From the editor; endings and beginnings in 2009
Goldman, H.V. From the editor; Halfway through the IPY; halfway for an Antarctic traverse
Goodison, B. State and fate of the polar cryosphere, including variability of the Arctic hydrological cycle
Goodwin, R. The International Polar Year publications database; the first 4000
Goodwin, R. The International Polar Year Publications Database
Goodwin, R. The International Polar Year Publications Database; a progress report
Goodwin, R. The IPY Publications Database; slow progress
Goryachkin, S.V. Characteristics of Arctic and sub- Arctic soils during the International Polar Year [Sostoyaniye arkticheskikh i subarkticheskikh pochv na period Mezhdunarodnogo polyarnogo goda]
Goto, S. Crystal size distribution of garnet in quartzo-feldspathic gneisses from the Lützow- Holm Complex at Skallen, East Antarctica
Gozhik, P.F. Nauchnye issledovaniia v sisteme dogovora ob Antarktike--Scientific research in the Antarctic Treaty System
Grabiec, M. Surface and bed morphology of Hansbreen, a tidewater glacier in Spitsbergen
Grant, R.A. Antarctic DNA barcoding; a drop in the ocean?
Grant, R.A. Barcoding Antarctic biodiversity; current status and the CAML initiative, a case study of marine invertebrates
Grantham, G.H. Terrane correlation between Antarctica, Mozambique and Sri Lanka; comparisons of geochronology, lithology, structure and metamorphism and possible implications for the geology of Southern Africa and Antarctica
Green, G.D. Students on ice; Antarctic activities-- Students on ice; activités en Antarctique
Greenwood, J. Challenges of conservation in the Antarctic
Greku, R.K. Gravimetric tomography; significant examples on a deep internal structure and geodynamics of the Antarctic and Arctic polar regions
Grenfell, T.C. Expeditions to the Russian Arctic to survey black carbon in snow
Grzesiak, J. Microbial community at the front of Ecology Glacier (King George Island, Antarctica); initial observations
Gudmundsson, G.H. (prefacer) Glaciology in the International Polar Year
Gutt, J. Fahrtverlauf und Zusammenfassung-- Itinerary and summary
Gutt, J. Mega-epibenthic diversity off Terre Adélie (Antarctica) in relation to disturbance
Gutt, J. Megabenthic community ecology; life under ice shelves
Gutt, J. Objectives of the cruise
Gutt, J. (editor) The expedition ANTARKTIS-XXIII/8 of the research vessel "Polarstern" in 2006/2007
Harrington, H.J.L. International Polar Years in retrospect and prospect
Harwood, D. Antarctic drilling recovers stratigraphic records from the continental margin
Hauck, C. Geophysical identification of permafrost in Livingston Island, maritime Antarctica
Headland, R.K. Antarctic winter scientific stations to the International Polar Year, 2007- 2009
Heilmayer, O. Cold seep bivalves
Heilmayer, O. Food web and energy flow
Heinonen, J.S. Ferropicrites of Vestfjella, western Dronning Maud Land (Antarctica), reveal a heterogeneous mantle plume source for the Karoo large igneous province
Helm, V. Winter accumulation in the percolation zone of Greenland measured by airborne radar altimeter
Hicks, G. Polar libraries using e-science communication during the 4th International Polar Year 2007-2008
Hik, D. Sustaining northern science and research in Canada
Hillaire-Marcel, C. Decadal- to millennial-scale variability of Arctic-subarctic oceans and adjacent lands; a contribution of the Polar Climate Stability Network of Canada to the International Polar Year--Variabilité décennale ŕ millénaire des océans arctiques et sub-arctiques et des terres adjacentes; une contribution du Réseau d'étude de la stabilité du climat polaire au Canada ŕ l'Année polaire internationale
Hiroi, Y. Origin of xenocrystic garnet and kyanite in clinopyroxene-hornblende-bearing adakitic meta-tonalites from Cape Hinode, Prince Olav Coast, East Antarctica
Hodgson, D.A. (editor) Antarctic climate and environment history in the pre-instrumental period
Hodgson, D.A. (editor) Antarctic climate and environment history in the pre-instrumental period
Hokada, T. Geodynamic evolution of Mt. Riiser- Larsen, Napier Complex, East Antarctica, with reference to the UHT mineral associations and their reaction relations
Holmes, R.M. A field course in the Siberian Arctic; 30 days, 20 people, 3 continents, 1 barge
Holmlund, P. Arctic Sweden
Hondoh, T. International Antarctic Institute project in Hokkaido University
Hosie, G. The Census of Antarctic Marine Life and the Australian-French-Japanese CEAMARC (Collaborative East Antarctic Marine Census) contribution
Hosie, G. Underwater world give up its secrets
Hov, O. The chemical composition of the polar atmosphere; the IPY contribution
Huettmann, F. The digital teaching legacy of the International Polar Year (IPY); details of a present to the global village for achieving sustainability
Hulth, J. Surface mass and energy balance of Sorbreen, Jan Mayen, 2008
Humbert, A. Deformation and failure of the ice bridge on the Wilkins Ice Shelf, Antarctica
Humbert, A. The temperature regime of Fimbulisen, Antarctica
Ikehara, M. Marine geological observation during the R/V Hakuho-maru KH07-4 cruise off Lützow- Holm Bay, Antarctic Ocean and paleoceanographic implications
Immonen, N. Quartz grain surface textures of the Lomonosov Ridge sediments characterizing Cenozoic glaciations (IODP Arctic Coring EXpedition 302)
Imura, S. Microbiological and Ecological Responses to Global Environmental Changes in Polar regions (MERGE); an inter-continental initiative from Asia
Ingimundarson, J.H. Comparative-historical analysis of farming systems and agricultural intensification in Medieval and early modern Iceland
International Council for Science, Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research, Cambridge SCAR annual report for 2005
International Hydrographic Organization, Hydrographic Committee on Antarctica, Monaco IHO Hydrographic Committee on Antarctica (HCA); 4th meeting; minutes
International Polar Year, Chinese Committee Special report on IPY
Ishikawa, M. Elastic properties of high-grade metamorphosed igneous rocks from Enderby Land and eastern Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica; evidence for biotite-bearing mafic lower crust
Ishimaru, T. Oceanographic study in the Indian sector of the Antarctic Ocean by RTV Umitaka Maru
Ishizuka, H. An overview of geological studies of JARE in the Napier Complex, Enderby Land, East Antarctica
Isla, E. Benthic-pelagic coupling in poorly known polar environments
Jackson, A. Cooperation and the Antarctic Treaty
Jacobs, J. Early Palaeozoic orogenic collapse and voluminous late-tectonic magmatism in Dronning Maud Land and Mozambique; insights into the partially delaminated orogenic root of the East African-Antarctic Orogen?
Jacobs, S.S. Weak underbelly work; at sea with IPY in the Amundsen
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