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Science and Technology for September 2011

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Abraham, S. Seasonal, altitudinal and host plant- related variation in the abundance of aphids (Insecta, Hemiptera) on sub-antarctic Marion Island
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Aksnes, V. A panel method for modelling level ice actions on moored ships; Part 1, Local ice force formulation
Aksnes, V. A simplified interaction model for moored ships in level ice
Albrecht, M. Sustainable forest management through forest certification in Russia's Barents region; processes in the relational space of forest certification
Aleinikov, A.A. Glacier and avalanche hazards at the Chegetskaia Polyana recreation center, Mount Elbrus area [Lednikovaia i lavinnaia opasnosti rekreatsionnogo kompleksa "Chegetskaia polyana" v Priel'brus'e]
Aleinikova, A.M. Structure and dynamics of periglacial landscapes in Elbrus area [Struktura i dinamika prilednikovykh landshaftov Priel'brus'ia]
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An, L.Z. Differences in community composition of bacteria in four glaciers in western China
Anandhi, A. AR4 climate model performance in simulating snow water equivalent over Catskill Mountain watersheds, New York, USA
Anonymous Antarctica's IceCube is among the most ambitious scientific construction projects ever attempted
Anonymous Canada-Argentina agreement--Accord Canada-Argentine
Anonymous The final frontier
Antonini, C. Understanding the effect of superhydrophobic coatings on energy reduction in anti-icing systems
Aoki, T. Carbon and dust concentrations in snow of Sapporo
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Arenz, B.E. Fungi in Antarctica; a circumpolar study of biodiversity in soils and historic structures
Argow, B.A. Ice raft formation, sediment load, and theoretical potential for ice-rafted sediment influx on northern coastal wetlands
Arnold, D. An ice accretion and wind load forecasting system for power transmission networks using numerical weather prediction
Arora, M. Surface modification of natural zeolite by chitosan and its use for nitrate removal in cold regions
Arora, M. The effect of temperature on toluene sorption by granular activated carbon and its use in permeable reactive barriers in cold regions
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Baschek, B. Gas ventilation of the Saguenay Fjord by an energetic tidal front
Bässler, K. Material parameters for describing the time-dependent, nonlinear stress-deformation behavior of firn as a function of its density [Materialparameter zur Beschreibung des zeitabhängigen nichtlinearen Spannungs- Verformungsverhaltens von Firn in Abhängigkeit von seiner Dichte]
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Belicka, L.L. Trace element and molecular markers of organic carbon dynamics along a shelf-basin continuum in sediments of the western Arctic Ocean
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Beltaos, S. Internal strength properties of river ice jams
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Bertoglio, V. Evolution of the Grand Etret Glacier (1999-2007) [Evoluzione del Ghiacciaio del Grand Etret (1999-2007)]
Bertrand, D. Physical vulnerability of reinforced concrete buildings impacted by snow avalanches
Bhambri, R. Glacier changes in the Garhwal Himalaya, India, from 1968 to 2006 based on remote sensing
Bijamov, A. Comparison of supervised and unsupervised machine learning techniques for UXO classification using EMI data
Bing Hui Laboratory investigation of the freezing point of saline soil
Bird, B.W. Millennial- to annual-scale Holocene climate changes in the Alaskan Arctic and tropical Andes inferred from physical sedimentology and geochemical indicators preserved in finely laminated alpine lake sediment archives
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Boman, J. Elemental content of PM2.5 aerosol particles collected in Goteborg during the Gote-2005 campaign in February 2005
Borshch, S.V. Extremely late rivers freezing during winter 2006-2007 in the European part of Russia and global warming [Ekstremal'no pozdnee zamerzanie rek evropeiskoi territorii Rossii zimoi 2006/07 g. i poteplenie klimata]
Borzenkova, I.I. Use of ice cores and dendrochronological data for analysis of climate change [Lednikovye kerny i dendrokhronologicheskie dannye kak istochniki informatsii ob izmeneniiakh klimata v istoricheskoe vremya]
Bottenheim, J.W. Ozone in the boundary layer air over the Arctic Ocean; measurements during the TARA transpolar drift 2006- 2008
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Brannemann, M. (editor) Cool libraries in a melting world; proceedings of the 23rd Polar libraries colloquy 2010
Polar Libraries Colloquy 2010, Bremerhaven Cool topic discussion report; the melting and disappearance of circumpolar born digital grey literature
Breitbarth, E. Dissolved iron (II) in the Baltic Sea surface water and implications for cyanobacterial bloom development
Broecker, W. Search for a glacial-age 14C-depleted ocean reservoir
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Buist, I. Herding surfactants to contract and thicken oil spills in pack ice for in situ burning
Burke, B. Capturing conversations about climate change in Alaska
Buzin, V.A. Mathematical modeling applied for ice jams prediction [Matematicheskoe modelirovanie v reshenii zadach rascheta i prognoza zatorov l'da]
Caines, J.V.M. Engineering assessment of ice gouge statistics from the Canadian and American Arctic oceans
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Chernova, L.P. Glaciological provinces in Russia and belt of minimal snow precipitation [Glyatsiologicheskie provintsii Rossii i poias minimal'noi snezhnosti kontinenta]
Chetyrbotskii, A.N. Formation and dynamics of sea ice meltwaters [Formirovanie i dinamika talykh vod morskogo ledyanogo pokrova]
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Crétaux, J. SOLS; a lake database to monitor in the near real time water level and storage variations from remote sensing data
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Curry, B. Chronological framework for the deglaciation of the Lake Michigan Lobe of the Laurentide ice sheet from ice-walled lake deposits
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Czechura, P. Elucidating the relationship between hydration and ice recrystallization inhibition with c-linked antifreeze glycoproteins
D'Aquila, P. Experimental application of GPS and laser-GPS to Recent glacier mass balance in Calderone Glacier; results and outlook [Applicazioni sperimentali GPS e laser-GPS ai recenti bilanci di massa glaciali del ghiacciaio del Calderone; risultati e prospettive]
da Rosa, K.K. Deglaciation sedimentologic and geomorphologic features of the Wanda and Ecology glaciers, King George Island, Antarctica [Feicoes sedimentologicas e geomorfologicas do ambiente de deglaciacao das geleiras Wanda e Ecology, ilha Rei George, Antartica]
Daanen, R.P. Model for coupled liquid water flow and heat transport with phase change in a snowpack
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Doherty, S.J. Light-absorbing impurities in Arctic snow
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