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Angelo, C. What is this land for? [Pro que serve esta terra?]
Elzinga, A. Through the lens of the polar years; changing characteristics of polar research in historical perspective
Espinoza, J.R. Scientific activity [Actividad científica]
European Polar Consortium An assessment of current strategic management, polar program definition and processes
Korea Polar Research Institute Korean scientific activities in polar regions
Korea Polar Research Institute Twenty years with the Korean Antarctic King Sejong Station; 1988- 2008
Leite, M. Frozen holidays [Ferias geladas]
Parsons, A. (chairperson) Antarctica; the next decade; report of a study group
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research Report of SCAR Executive Committee (EXCOM) meeting; Washington, USA, 9-11 July 2007
Biological Sciences
Abraham, S. Seasonal, altitudinal and host plant- related variation in the abundance of aphids (Insecta, Hemiptera) on sub-antarctic Marion Island
Acevedo, J. Occurrence of dwarf minke whales (Balaenoptera acutorostrata subsp.) around the Antarctic Peninsula
Agnew, D.J. Estimating optimal observer coverage in the Antarctic krill fishery
Alstrup, V. Massalongia olechiana (Massalongiaceae, Peltigerales), a new lichen species from the Antarctic
Angelo, C. Caribbean below zero [Caribe abaixo de zero]
Arenz, B.E. Fungi in Antarctica; a circumpolar study of biodiversity in soils and historic structures
Australia, Department of the Environment and Water Resources Assessment of the Heard Island and McDonald Islands fishery
Australian Fisheries Management Authority Annual status report; Heard Island and McDonald Islands fishery
Authier, M. Population trends of female elephant seals breeding on the Courbet Peninsula, Iles Kerguelen
Azzali, M. Target strength studies on Antarctic silverfish (Pleuragramma antarcticum) in the Ross Sea
Bamber, R.N. The sea-spiders (Arthropoda, Pycnogonida) of Admiralty Bay, King George Island
Barrera-Oro, E.R. Egg-guarding behaviour in the Antarctic bathydraconid dragonfish Parachaenichthys charcoti
Bilyk, K.T. Delayed onset of adult antifreeze activity in juveniles of the Antarctic icefish Chaenocephalus aceratus
Bjorge, A. (chairman) Report of the Scientific Committee
Bond, A.L. A practical introduction to stable-isotope analysis for seabird biologists; approaches, cautions and caveats
Borley, K.A. Evolution of the myoglobin gene in Antarctic icefishes (Channichthyidae)
Bostrom, S. Description of Scottnema lindsayae Timm, 1971 (Rhabditida, Cephalobidae) from Taylor Valley, Antarctica and its phylogenetic relationship
Brooks, C.M. Age estimation and lead-radium dating of Antarctic toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni) in the Ross Sea
Cefarelli, A.O. Diversity of the diatom genus Fragilariopsis in the Argentine Sea and Antarctic waters; morphology, distribution and abundance
Chong, G. Differential gene expression of an Antarctic Chlorella in response to temperature stress
Chwedorzewska, K.J. Genetic and epigenetic studies on populations of Deschampsia antarctica Desv. from contrasting environments on King George Island
Clark, J.M. Estimating the impact of depredation by killer whales and sperm whales on longline fishing for toothfish (Dissostichus eleginoides) around South Georgia
Constable, A. (convener) Report of the joint CCAMLR-IWC workshop to review input data for Antarctic marine ecosystem models
Convey, P. Recent range expansions in non-native predatory beetles on sub-antarctic South Georgia
Cook, T.R. Freshwater fishing in seabirds from the sub-Antarctic Kerguelen Islands
Cooper, J. Disease outbreaks among penguins at sub-Antarctic Marion Island; a conservation concern
Cooper, J. The winter diet of the great-winged petrel Pterodroma macroptera at sub-Antarctic Marion Island in 1991
Copeland, S. (prefacer) Antarctica; a call to action
Cowan, D.A. Distribution and abiotic influences on hypolithic microbial communities in an Antarctic dry valley
Crockett, E.L. Antioxidant potential is positively correlated with mitochondrial enzyme activity in Antarctica and non-Antarctic notothenioid fishes
Curtis, C. Population genetics of Antarctic seals
Davies, K.F. Statistical models for monitoring and predicting effects of climate change and invasion on the free-living insects and a spider from sub-antarctic Heard Island
de Aranzamendi, M.C. Shape differentiation and characterization in the two morphotypes of the Antarctic limpet Nacella concinna using Elliptic Fourier analysis of shells
Demarchi, M. Population genetic structure of the Antarctic ascidian Aplidium falklandicum from Scotia Arc and South Shetland Islands
Dunn, M.J. Post-breeding dispersal of Adélie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae) nesting at Signy Island, South Orkney Islands
Forster, I.P. Influence of nest location, density and topography on breeding success in the black-browed albatross Thalassarche melanophris
Fretwell, P.T. Detecting and mapping vegetation distribution on the Antarctic Peninsula from remote sensing data
Fritsen, C.H. Timing of sea ice formation and exposure to photosynthetically active radiation along the western Antarctic Peninsula
Gales, N. (convenor) Report of the Sub-Committee on Ecosystem Modeling
Gales, N. (chairman) Report of the Workshop on Cetaceans and climate change
Gastebois, C. Ontogeny of aquatic behaviours in Antarctic fur seal (Actocephalus gazella) pups in relation to growth performances at Kerguelen Islands
Gavrilo, M.V. Study of large-scale regularities of sea birds and mammals distribution in the Antarctic Ocean in 2007-2008
Gesheva, V. Production of antibiotics and enzymes by soil microorganisms from the Windmill Islands region, Wilkes Land, East Antarctica
Gielwanowska, I. Biology of generative reproduction of Colobanthus quitensis (Kunth) Bartl. from King George Island, South Shetland Islands
Gocheva, Y.G. Temperature downshift induces antioxidant response in fungi isolated from Antarctica
González Garraza, G. Ecology of algal communities of different soil types form Cierva Point, Antarctic Peninsula
Gorman, K.B. A new high-latitude record for the macaroni penguin (Eudyptes chrysolophus) at Avian Island, Antarctica
Grant, R.A. Antarctic DNA barcoding; a drop in the ocean?
Hall, S. Temperature-driven biogeography of the deep-sea family Lithodidae (Crustacea, Decapoda, Anomura) in the Southern Ocean
Hanchet, S.M. Distribution and relative abundance of Antarctic toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni) on the Ross Sea shelf
Hill, S.L. Using ecosystem monitoring data to detect impacts
Hillary, R.M. Length-based assessment for mackerel icefish (Champsocephalus gunnari) at South Georgia
Hirawake, T. A phytoplankton absorption-based primary productivity model for remote sensing in the Southern Ocean
Hofmeyr, G.J.G. Intraspecific differences in the diet of Antarctic fur seals at Nyroysa, Bouvetoya
Hughes, K.A. Impact of anthropogenic transportation to Antarctica on alien seed viability
Jaffal, A. Cadmium and copper contents in a freshwater fish species (brook trout, Salvelinus fontinalis) from the subantarctic Kerguelen Islands
Janecki, T. The effects of temperature and salinity on vital biological functions of the Antarctic crustacean Serolis polita
Janosik, A.M. Evolutionary history of Southern Ocean Odontaster sea star species (Odontasteridae, Asteroidea)
Kikuchi, M. Acquisition of gliding skills by Weddell seal (Leptonychotes weddellii) pups during lactation
Köhler, P. Polish botanical and mycological studies of the Antarctic terrestrial and fresh water ecosystems in 1977-2009; an overview
La Mesa, M. Larval feeding of Chionodraco bamatus (Pisces, Channichthyidae) in the Ross Sea and its relation to environmental conditions
Lardies, M.A. Gonadal development in males of Notocrangon antarcticus (Decapoda, Caridea) from the Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Laskowski, Z. Contribution to the knowledge of the infection with Acanthocephala of a predatory Antarctic ice-fish Chaenocephalus aceratus
Le Romancer, M. Life at high temperature in the Terres Australes [La vie à haute température dans les Terres australes]
Lebar, M.D. Accumulation of vanadium, manganese, and nickel in Antarctic tunicates
Lebouvier, M. The workplace for research on the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic environment; CNRS- INEE [La zone atelier de recherches sur l'environnement Antarctique et Subantarctique; CNRS-INEE]
Lyver, P.O. Intra-seasonal variation in foraging behavior among Adelie pengiuns Cape Hallett, Ross Sea, Antarctica
Main, C.E. Diet of the Antarctic starry skate Amblyraja georgiana (Rajidae, Chondrichthyes) at South Georgia (Southern Ocean)
Marks, E.J. Using logistic regression models to predict breeding success in male Adélie penguins (Pygoscelis adeliae)
Marteau, C. The national nature reserve of the Terres Australes Françaises [La réserve naturelle nationale des Terres Australes Françaises]
McIntyre, T. A lifetime at depth; vertical distribution of southern elephant seals in the water column
McKinlay, J. Integrating count effort by seasonally correcting animal population estimates (ICESCAPE); a method for estimating abundance and its uncertainty from count data using Adélie penguins as a case study
McMinn, A. Phytoplankton and sea ice algal biomass and physiology during the transition between winter and spring (McMurdo Sound, Antarctica)
Moreau, S. Variability of the microbial community in the western Antarctic Peninsula from late fall to spring during a low ice cover year
Moreira, J. Sphaerodoridae (Annelida, Polychaeta) from the Bellingshausen Sea (Antarctica) with the description of two new species
Mori, Y. An observation of between-mates feeding behaviour in chick-guarding chinstrap penguins
Morikawa, J. Whaling in Japan; power, politics and diplomacy
Nomura, D. DMS emission from Antarctic sea ice surface to the atmosphere
Núñez-Pons, L. Chemical defenses of tunicates of the genus Aplidium from the Weddell Sea (Antarctica)
Onofri, S. Continental Antarctic fungi
Oosthuizen, W.C. Isabelline king penguin Aptenodytes patagonicus at Marion Island
Osyczka, P. Alien lichens unintentionally transported to the Arctowski Station (South Shetlands, Antarctica)
Pabis, K. Distribution patterns in the biomass of macrozoobenthic communities in Admiralty Bay (King George Island, South Shetlands, Antarctic)
Pabis, K. Polychaete fauna associated with holdfasts of the large brown alga Himantothallus grandifolius in Admiralty Bay, King George Island, Antarctic
Pakhomov, E.A. Biology of Salpa thompsoni in waters adjacent to the Ross Sea, Southern Ocean, during austral summer 2008
Palka, D. (chairman) Report of the SOWER abundance workshop
Panasiuk-Chodnicka, A.A. Cnidaria from the Croker Passage (Antarctic Peninsula) with a special focus on Siphonophorae
Parapar, J. Quantitative analysis of soft-bottom polychaetes of the Bellingshausen Sea and Gerlache Strait (Antarctica)
Parker, S.J. Identifying taxonomic groups vulnerable to bottom longline fishing gear in the Ross Sea region
Parker, S.J. Length- and age-at-spawning of Antarctic toothfish (Dissostichus mawsoni) in the Ross Sea
Pash, C. The last whale
Pichegru, L. Diving patterns of female macaroni penguins breeding on Marion Island, South Africa
Pinkerton, M.H. A balanced model of the food web of the Ross Sea, Antarctica
Pisanu, B. Introduced black rats Rattus rattus on Ile de la Possession (Iles Crozet, subantarctic); diet and trophic position in food webs
Pitman, R.L. Killer whale predation on penguins in Antarctica
Pitman, R.L. Observations of distinctive morphotype of killer whale (Orcinus orca), type D, from subantarctic waters
Polito, M.J. Dietary isotopic discrimination in gentoo penguin
Raccurt, M. Penguins, models of genetic adaptation to polar environments [Les manchots, modèles d'adaptations géniques aux environnements polaires]
Reeves, S. The effect of prolonged darkness on the growth, recovery and survival of Antarctic sea ice diatoms
Regaudie-de-Gioux, A. Plankton metabolism in the Greenland Sea during the polar summer of 2007
Reid, E. Mitigation of seabird captures during hauling in CCAMLR longline fisheries
Reisinger, R.R. Long distance breeding dispersal of a southern elephant seal
Robinson, E. Warm-induced bradycardia and cold- induced tachycardia; mechanisms of cardiac and ventilatory control in a warm-acclimated Antarctic fish
Rochera, C. Interannual meteorological variability and its effects on a lake from maritime Antarctica
Rothe, N. Biodiversity and distribution of the genus Gromia (Protista, Rhizaria) in the deep Weddell Sea (Southern Ocean)
Sánchez, E.C. Postembryonic development of Mymphon unguiculatum Hodgson 1915 (Pycnogonida, Nymphonidae) from the South Shetland Islands (Antarctica)
Santora, J.A. Fishing activity and seabird vessel attendance near the northern Antarctic Peninsula
Sato-Okoshi, W. Shell structure of two polar pelagic molluscs, Arctic Limacina helicina and Antarctic Limacina belicina antarctica forma antarctica
Schandy, T. Antarctic; nature and history at the world's end [Antarktis; natur og historie ved verdens ende]
Schroeter, B. Summer variability, winter dormancy; lichen activity over 3 years at Botany Bay, 77°S latitude, continental Antarctica
Schüller, M. Evidence for a role of bathymetry and emergence in speciation in the genus Glycera (Clyceridae, Polychaeta) from the deep eastern Weddell Sea
Shekh, R.M. Antifugal activity of Arctic and Antarctic bacteria isolates
Smykla, J. Additions to the lichen flora of Victoria Land, Antarctica
Southwell, C. Improving estimates of Adélie penguin breeding population size; developing factors to adjust one-off population counts for availability bias
Southwell, C. Incomplete search effort; a potential source of bias in estimates of Adélie penguin breeding populations in the Australian Antarctic Territory
Souza, B.W.S. Haemagglutinin of the Antarctic seaweed Georgiella confluens (Reinsch) Kylin; isolation and partial characterization
Strunecky, O. Phylogenetic relationships between geographically separate Phormidium cyanobacteria; is there a link between North and south polar regions?
Taton, A. Pletolyngbya bodgsonii; a novel filamentous cyanobacterium from Antarctic lakes
Tixier, P. Interactions of Patagonian toothfish fisheries with killer and sperm whales in the Crozet Islands Exclusive Economic Zone; an assessment of depredation levels and insights on possible mitigation strategies
Tosi, S. Antioxidant enzyme activity of filamentous fungi isolated from Livingston Island, Maritime Antarctica
Uriz, M.J. Do bipolar distributions exist in marine sponges? Stylocordyla chupachups sp. nv. (Porifera, Hadromerida) from the Weddell Sea (Antarctic), previously reported as S. borealis (Lovén, 1868)
Valdés, A. A new species of Armodoris (Mollusca, Gastropoda, Nudibranchia, Akiodorididae) from McMurdo Sound, Antarctica
Velázquez, D. Temperature effects on carbon and nitrogen metabolism in some maritime Antarctic freshwater phototrophic communities
Vigo, G.B. Isolation and characterization of Salmonella enterica from Antarctic wildlife
Wienecke, B. Emperor penguin colonies in the Australian Antarctic Territory; how many are there?
Wienecke, B. Review of historical population information of emperor penguins
Wong, C.M.V.L. Pseudomonas and Pedobacter isolates from King George Island inhibited the growth of foodborne pathogens
Yang Jun Is there a size limit for cosmopolitan distribution in free-living microorganisms? A biogeographical analysis of testate amoebae from polar areas
Zerbini, A. (chairman) Report of the Intersessional meeting on Southern Hemisphere humpback whale assessment methodology
Zerbini, A. (convener) Report of the Sub-Committee on Other Southern Hemisphere Whale Stocks
Béchervaise, J. (editor) Unique and unspoilt; a year among the natural wonders of Heard Island; the 1953 journals of John Béchervaise
Leite, M. In the heart of Antarctica [No coracao da Antartida]
Shibata, H. Translating a legend; Lt. Nobu Shirase and the Japanese Antarctic Expedition of 1910- 12
Winther, J. Antarctic climate riddle [Klimagaoten Antarktis]
Geological Sciences
Acosta Hospitaleche, C. Enigmatic morphological disparity in tarsometatarsi of giant penguins from the Eocene of Antarctica
Agustí, S. (editor) Impacts of climate warming on polar marine and freshwater ecosystems
Arora, M. The effect of temperature on toluene sorption by granular activated carbon and its use in permeable reactive barriers in cold regions
Bölter, M. Soil development and soil biology on King George Island, maritime Antarctic
Bose, S. India-Antarctica-Australia-Laurentia connection in the Paleoproterozoic- Mesoproterozoic revisited; evidence from new zircon U-Pb and monazite chemical age data from the Eastern Ghats Belt, India
Brinkhuis, H. Expedition 318 summary
Brinkhuis, H. Methods
Brinkhuis, H. Proceedings of the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program; Wilkes Land glacial history; Expedition 318 of the riserless drilling platform; Wellington, New Zealand, to Hobart, Australia; sites U1355-U1361, 3 January-8 March 2010
Brinkhuis, H. Site U1355
Brinkhuis, H. Site U1356
Brinkhuis, H. Site U1357
Brinkhuis, H. Site U1358
Brinkhuis, H. Site U1359
Brinkhuis, H. Site U1360
Brinkhuis, H. Site U1361
Brown, M. Organizing melt flow through the crust
Cordier, C. Vestoid cosmic spherules from the South Pole water well and Transantarctic Mountains (Antarctica); a major and trace element study
Dykstra, M. Mass transport deposits; combining outcrop studies and seismic forward modeling to understand lithofacies distributions, deformation, and their seismic stratigraphic expression
Emslie, S.D. Late Holocene occupation of gentoo penguins (Pygoscelis papua) on Byers Peninsula, Livingston Island, Antarctica
Fraser, A.D. Generation of high-resolution East Antarctic sea ice maps from cloud-free MODIS satellite composite imagery
Fukui, K. 14C measurement of glacier ice using dissolved inorganic carbon
Gibson, G.M. Arc-continent collision and orogenesis in western Tasmanides; insights from reactivated basement structures and formation of an ocean-continent transform boundary off western Tasmania
Gousheva, M. Quasi-static electric fields phenomena in the ionosphere associated with pre- and post earthquake effects
Graf, H.F. Continental scale Antarctic deposition of sulphur and black carbon from anthropogenic and volcanic sources
Guglielmin, M. Permafrost thermal regime from two 30- m deep boreholes in southern Victoria Land, Antarctica
Harris, P.T. Global distribution of large submarine canyons; geomorphic differences between active and passive continental margins
Huang Jing The ecosystem evolution of penguin colonies in the past 8,500 years on Vestfold Hills, East Antarctica
Hughes, K.A. How committed are we to monitoring human impacts in Antarctica?
John, C.M. Timing and magnitude of Miocene eustasy derived from the mixed siliciclastic- carbonate stratigraphic record of the northeastern Australian margin
Kennicutt, M.C., II Temporal and spatial patterns of anthropogenic disturbance at McMurdo Station, Antarctica
Lacroix, P. Dual-frequency altimeter signal from Envisat on the Amery Ice Shelf
Lagun, V.E. International IPY project ANTPAS; Antarctic permafrost and soils
Luckman, A. Persistent iceberg groundings in the western Weddell Sea, Antarctica
Maestro, A. Cenozoic stress field in the southwestern Antarctic Peninsula from brittle mesostructures in Wright Peninsula, Adelaide Island
Miyake, T. Glacial-interglacial scale variability of dust flux during the past 720,000 years reconstructed from the Dome Fuji ice core, Antarctica
Ociepa, A.M. Spesia antarctica gen. et sp. nov.; a new fertile fern spike from the Jurassic of Antarctica
Quaglio, F. A new fossil Adamussium (Bivalvia, Pectinidae) from Antarctica
Rocchi, S. Arc accretion to the early Paleozoic Antarctic margin of Gondwana in Victoria Land
Sherstyankin, P.P. What is common between Baikal Lake and Lake Vostok (Antarctica)?
Talarico, F.M. Early Miocene basement clasts in ANDRILL AND-2A core and their implications for paleoenvironmental changes in the McMurdo Sound region (western Ross Sea, Antarctica)
Thor, G. The persistence of the snow petrel (Pagodroma nivea) in Dronning Maud Land (Antarctica) for over 37,000 years
Volpi, V. Late Neogene to recent sea floor instability on the deep Pacific margin of the Antarctic Peninsula
Whittaker, J. Restoring the continent-ocean boundary; constraints from lithospheric stretching grids and tectonic reconstructions
Williams, S. What can potential field data really tell us about continent-ocean transitions?
Woodward, J. Location for direct access to subglacial Lake Ellsworth; an assessment of geophysical data and modeling
Ice and Snow
Ackert, R.P., Jr. West Antarctic ice sheet elevations in the Ohio Range; geologic constraints and ice sheet modeling prior to the last highstand
Aydin, M. Post-coring entrapment of modern air in some shallow ice cores collected near the firn-ice transition; evidence from CFC-12 measurements in Antarctic firn air and ice cores
Comiso, J.C. Variability and trends in sea ice extent and ice production in the Ross Sea
da Rosa, K.K. Deglaciation sedimentologic and geomorphologic features of the Wanda and Ecology glaciers, King George Island, Antarctica [Feicoes sedimentologicas e geomorfologicas do ambiente de deglaciacao das geleiras Wanda e Ecology, ilha Rei George, Antartica]
Dieguez, F. Fatal slip [Escorregao fatal]
Friess, U. Iodine monoxide in the Antarctic snowpack
Fujita, S. Metamorphism of stratified firn at Dome Fuji, Antarctica; a mechanism for local insolation modulation of gas transport conditions during bubble close- off
Fukuda, T. Satellite-based study on surface elevation over Langhovde Glacier, Antarctica
Gorbunov, A.P. Geography of the world's rock glaciers [Geografiia kamennykh gletcherov mira]
Hein, A.S. Glacial/interglacial ice-stream stability in the Weddell Sea Embayment, Antarctica
Hirabayashi, M. Analyses of the inorganic composition and Sr-Nd isotopic ratio in surface snow on East Antarctica
Hirabayashi, M. Analyses of the metal concentration and Sr-Nd isotopic ratio in surface snow on East Antarctica
Hoshina, Y. Postdepositional changes of chemical components in the snow at Dome Fuji, Antarctica
Hoshina, Y. Water stable isotopes and major ion concentrations of near-surface snow at the inland Antarctica
Imai, H. Millennial-scale fluctuation of aerosol climate; analysis of Dome Fuji shallow ice core
Ishimaru, T. Development of an automatic blowing snow station
Kitayama, T. Temporal and spatial variations of surface elevation over Antarctic ice sheet derived from ICESat/GLAS altimeter
Kuramoto, T. Determination of pH and electric conductivity of the second Dome Fuji ice core
Kuramoto, T. Seasonal features of chemical compositions in surface snow on the Dome Fuji route, Antarctica
Lei Ruibo A new apparatus for monitoring sea ice thickness based on the magnetostrictive-delay- line principle
Leite, M. The biggest desert in the world [O maior deserto do mundo]
Lipenkov, V.Y. Glacio-geophysical explorations of ice flow lines across Vostok subglacial lake
Mendes Junior, C.W. Use of ERS-SAR imagery to monitor surficial snow and ice in the northeastern Antarctic Peninsula [Uso de imagens ERS SAR no monitoramento de zonas superficiais de neve e gelo da regiao nordeste da Peninsula Antarctica]
Miyake, T. A study of the decontamination procedures used for chemical analysis of the 2nd Dome Fuji ice core
Miyamoto, A. Crystal orientation measurements of subgrain in Antarctic ice cores
Motoyama, H. Surface mass balance on East Antarctic ice sheet and heavy snow event in 2008 and 2009
Nakamura, K. Feasibility study of grounding line detection for glacier derived from ASTER DEM
Nakamura, K. Seasonal and annual variations derived from estimated velocity of Shirase Glacier flow using ALOS PALSAR data
Rivas, M.B. New Bayesian algorithm for sea ice detection with QuikSCAT
Saito, F. Response of the volume and thickness of the Antarctic ice sheet to the advance of the grounded area
Sakurai, T. Chemical composition of microinclusion in Dome Fuji ice core, Antarctica; finding of liquid sulfate as a micron sized inclusion
Sakurai, T. Study on spatial distributions of water-soluble microparticles preserved in polar ice sheet; reliable past climate information
Sano, K. Dating of shallow ice cores and characteristics of mean surface mass balance in east Dronning Maud Land, Antarctica
Sano, K. Statistical analyses of the Dome Fuji shallow ice core (DF2001), Antarctica
Sato, T. Flow of the present Antarctic ice sheet simulated by a coupled ice sheet/ice shelf model
Sawagaki, T. Submarine and terrestrial glacial landforms and deposits along the Soya Coast, East Antarctica
Shimada, R. Comparative verification the Antarctic ice sheet temperature from MODIS LST product with AWS data
Tamura, T. Estimation of thin ice thickness and detection of fast ice from SSM/I data in the Antarctic Ocean
Ushio, S. Land-fast ice variation in Lutzow-Holm Bay, Antarctica, during the past eight decades
Yamane, M. East Antarctic ice sheet fluctuations and global climate changes during the last 5 Myr
Logistics, Equipment & Supplies
Arredondo, G.A. Reopening of Prat Base in the Chilean Antarctic [Reactivación de la base Prat en la Antártica Chilena]
Brannemann, M. (editor) Cool libraries in a melting world; proceedings of the 23rd Polar libraries colloquy 2010
Campbell, S. University of the Arctic Digital Library Project
Carle, D.O. Improving access to gray literature in polar libraries
Corry, M. Small wintering parties in the Antarctic; Part 3
Cruz, M.L.C. Institutions and national Antarctic policy [Institucionalidad y política Antártic nacional]
Goodwin, R. The International Polar Year publications database; the first 4000
Hayakawa, Y. The National Institute of Polar Research, Japan; a brief history and how to access the journals
Hicks, G. Polar libraries using e-science communication during the 4th International Polar Year 2007-2008
Kim, Y.S. Ground characteristics in the Antarctic and adfreeze force on pile foundations
Kissel, L.J. Cold cases; lessons in historical skills and methods
Krause, R.A. Data versus headlines; the way to the First International Polar Year 1882/83
Lukin, V. Russian government members visit Antarctica
Polar Libraries Colloquy 2010, Bremerhaven Cool topic discussion report; the melting and disappearance of circumpolar born digital grey literature
Popov, S.V. Radar location research on the new route Progress-Vostok, East Antarctica
Presteng, F.I. A digitizing project; scanning the Norwegian Polar Institute's printed publications
Savatyugin, L.M. The intracontinental Antarctic Vostok Station; the Earth's coldest place (50th anniversary of the station) [Vnutrikontinental'naia antarkticheskaia stantsiia Vostok; polyus kholoda planety (k 50-letnemu iubileiu stantsii)]
Sirenko, B.I. Russian research divers again in Antarctica; scientific and vital issues
Tahirkheli, S. Impact of changes in the publishing industry on the Cold Regions Bibliography Project; are we really more efficient?
Walton, D.W.H. Antarctic bibliographies; listing the literature of a continent
Walton, D.W.H. Polar libraries colloquy 23; overview
Medical Sciences
Dieguez, F. The climate that came from the cold [O clima que veio do frio]
Seppala, M. Ilmasto vaihtelee; voidaanko se lailla kieltaa?--The climate fluctuates; can it be prevented by law?
Keller, L.M. A comparison of meteorological observations from South Pole Station before and after installation of a new instrument suite
Kovchin, I.S. Automatic meteorological-geophysical station in Antarctica
Shimada, R. Comparative study on Antarctic ice sheet surface temperature derived from MODIS LST and AWS
Crisafi, E. Microbiological characteriztion of a semi-enclosed sub-antarctic environment; the Straits of Magellan
de Bruin, T.F. Serving data from the SCAR Southern Ocean Observing System (SOOS) using the SeaDataNet infrastructure
DeVries, T.J. Rates and patterns of ocean ventilation; model- and data-based estimates and applications to ocean-atmosphere carbon cycling
Hassler, C.S. Bioavailability of organically bound Fe to model phytoplankton of the Southern Ocean
Park, Y. Direct measurement of the transport of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current over the Kerguelen Plateau [Mesures directes du transport du courant circumpolaire antarctique au travers du plateau de Kerguelen]
Atmospheric Physics
Adhikari, L. Microphysical properties of Antarctic polar stratospheric clouds and their dependence on tropospheric cloud systems
Alexander, S.P. Planetary wave activity in the polar lower stratosphere
Asmi, E. Hygroscopicity and chemical composition of Antarctic sub-micrometre aerosol particles and observations of new particle formation
Austin, J. Chemistry-climate model simulations of spring Antarctic ozone
Battersby, S. The greatest show on Earth
Bloss, W.J. Coupling of HOx, NOx and halogen chemistry in the Antarctic boundary layer
David, C. Radiosonde stratospheric temperatures at Dumont d'Urville (Antarctica); trends and link with polar stratospheric clouds
David, C. Space science observatories in Antarctica and the sub-Antarctic [Les observatoires des sciences de l'univers en Antarctique et en Subantarctique]
Day, K.A. The 16-day wave in the Arctic and Antarctic mesosphere and lower thermosphere
French, W.J.R. Stability of temperatures from TIMED/SABER v1.07 (2002-2009) and Aura/MLS v2.2 (2004-2009) compared with OH(6-2) temperatures observed at Davis Station, Antarctica
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Kawa, S.R. Sensitivity of polar stratospheric ozone loss to uncertainties in chemical reaction kinetics
Kuttippurath, J. Estimation of Antarctic ozone loss from ground-based total column measurements
McDonald, A.J. Can gravity waves significantly impact PSC occurrence in the Antarctic?
Mühle, J. Perfluorocarbons in the global atmosphere; tetrafluoromethane, hexafluoroethane, and octafluoropropane
Pitts, M.C. CALIPSO polar stratospheric cloud observations; second-generation detection algorithm and composition discrimination
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Political Geography
Angelo, C. Interview; Rubens Junqueira Villela [Entrevista; Rubens Junqueira Villela]
Barrett, N.D. Norway and the "winning" of Australian Antarctica
Bulkeley, R. Politics at the first Comité Special de l'Année Geophysique Internationale (CSAGI) Antarctic conference
Cox, J.S. Chilean Antarctica; present and future [Antártica Chilena; presente y futuro]
Cox, J.S. Geopolitical importance of the Antarctic continent [Importancia geopolítica del continente Antártico]
Garay Vera, C. Introduction [Introducción]
Garay Vera, C. Oceanic and southern geopolitics [Geopolítica oceánica y austral]
Villalobos, M.A.V. The status of Antarctica [Estatus de la Antártica]
Villarroel, F.M. Maritime activity [Actividad marítima]
von Chrismar Escuti, J. Preliminary study [Estudio preliminar]

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